Saturday, January 30, 2010

30. Massaging Meridians

The Idea: In Chinese Medicine, 11 out of the body's 12 major meridians run through the eyes. Attention to these meridians and their corresponding organs can help maintain and improve the health of the eyes.

How To: Ideally, go and find yourself a good acupuncturist. In my neighborhood there is affordable community acupuncture with sliding scale rates of $15 to $35 and I go there nearly every week. Beyond this, I've found acupressure—the massaging of the same meridians that acupuncturists use to maps the flow of energy around the body—to be helpful. My favorite meridian to massage is the gall bladder meridian just under the muscle on the outer edge on the leg, starting just below the knee joint (point GB34 on the diagram on the left) and curving down to just above the ankle (point GB 39). Running a thumb along this meridian line and applying pressure from the back of the muscle's edge has brought tremendous relief to my eyes, as well as other parts of my body that have experienced pain. This has been my own experience, and of course yours will be different. Doubtless acupressure and acupuncture can bring great relief to any body.

More Info:
The Community Acupuncture Network lists and maps sliding scale clinics on their website. Take a look and find some affordable acupuncture in your area!

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