Sunday, January 10, 2010

10. Buzzing

The Idea: I wrote about a certain kind of yogic breathing for last year's blog in reference to a dream that someone had about having a buzzing sensation in the back. This same breath (called "Bhramarī," named after the Hindu goddes of black bees) can also be applied to the eyes. The technique is described below:

How To:
Step 1: Stick your thumbs in your ears and rest middle and ring fingers on your closed eyes, letting the other fingers rest on the face above and below the eyes.
Step 2: Inhale deeply, then exhale through the nose, making a loud humming sound.
Step 3: You can adjust the pitch to feel the vibration more strongly in the eyes. Do this 3-10 times.

More Info:
• Take a look at what B.K.S. Iyengar has to say about bhramarī prāņāyāma in his book Light On Yoga, or watch this kid spell it out in the following video:

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