Saturday, January 23, 2010

23. Spooning Bubbles

Okay. . . I realize that this blog is a bit odd—esoteric, eccentric, new-age-ish, wingnutty, and even smacking of quackery at times. The idea of doing eye exercises every day that may or may not improve the vision may not seem like everyone's idea of "fun," and writing about them so diligently definitely takes a certain brand of dedication to something that most folks just do not do or even validate.

And Yet . . . This stuff can be fun. These bizarre little activities do help people to relax into seeing the world in new and improved ways. And some of these exercises can be done in the name of playfulness—like this one:

Set Up: You'll need a a container of soapy fluid, a bubble wand, and a spoon.

How To: Blow bubbles and catch them with the spoon.

What's Going On: Bubbles are beautiful and chaotic in their size and movements. By trying to catch them the eye-brain connection works to deal with perception of similar objects (bubbles) of different sizes, at different distances, moving at varied rates. The aesthetic of watching and catching bubbles is also fun and relaxing, and this aids the vision further.

More Info:
• Marc Grossman describes this bubble game as a vision exercise in his book Greater Vision.

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