Saturday, January 16, 2010

16. Your 5-Minute Regimen

Last night I was onstage and I asked the crowd if they had any questions. Someone said, "What are you doing for Fun-A-Day?" and I told them that I was doing eye exercises every day and sharing how others could do this via this blog. Someone straight-up laughed at me, which I found refreshing—laughter is good for the vision.

For those of you just tuning in, every day I post something here that you can do to benefit your eyes. Some of these things are "eye exercises" that you can do for a little time each day, others are "vision habits" that help the eyes relax through taking better care of them in general. Having a new thing every day might be a little overwhelming, so midway through this project let's pause to compile some of these exercises and habits into 5 minute routines that you can do morning noon and night. Try it out, then leave me comments (and laughter) about your experiences:

5 Minutes in the Morning
Do these exercises in a sunny spot:
If you feel like going a little longer, repeat the exercises in the same order.

5 Minutes in the Middle of the Day
You can do these exercises sitting in a chair:
Note that Directions and Neck Stretches can also be done simultaneously by combining Diagonal Directionals with Side Neck Stretches, or doing Rotational Directionals with Diagonal Neck Stretches, etc.

5 Minutes in the Evening
These exercises can be done right before going to sleep:
For a longer practice, continue Palming for as long as you like. Palming can also be combined with Buzzing.

Vision Habits to Remember:

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