Saturday, January 9, 2010

9. A Better Blink

How To:
Step 1: Bring the thumb and 4 fingers of the left hand to the center of the forehead, pressing into the cranium.
Step 2: Kepp pressing the fingertips against the forehead as you spread the muscle apart by drawing the thumb to the left and fingers to the right.
Step 3: Close the right eye and cover in with the middle 3 fingers of the right hand.
Step 4: Blink the left eye—what does the right eye do?
Step 5: keep blinking the left eye, relaxing the muscles around the right eye and forehead so that no twitching or movement can be detected.
Step 6: Repeat Steps 1–5 on the other side.

What's Going On: Many people use muscles in the forehead to blink, yet we need only a tiny muscle situated at the outer corner of the eye to hinge the eye open and closed. This exercise gets the eyelid to move independently of each other, relaxing the forehead and face. After doing this several times a week as an eye exercise, the act of better blinking will become an eye habit, ingrained into everyday behavior.

More Info:
Meir Schneider offers a succinct explanation and tutorial of this blinking exercise in his Miracle Eyesight Method audiobook.


  1. What would you recommend for someone who blinks too much? Think its anxiety related

  2. Blinking serves several functions. The one that we hear about most often is to keeps the surface of the eyes hydrated and clean. It also serves as a way for the brain to reset itself after a short interval of visual information. This was discovered in part by film editor Walter Murch while working on Francis Ford Copola's 1974 film The Conversation. There's a great podcast about this produced by WNYC's program Radiolab. Listen to it here: